Recap | 1st EPROFESSIONAL X Google Digital Executive Summit 2020

On two consecutive days with two of Google’s top Evangelists, clients and friends of EPROFESSIONAL gathered key insights via an exclusive online event. Learn more about which facts were delivered live from Silicon Valley.

On September 1st and 2nd 2020, EPROFESSIONAL together with Google held the 1st EPROFESSIONAL X Google Digital Executive Summit online.  

Neil Hoyne, Chief Measurement Evangelist at Google and Cecelia Wogan-Silva, Google’s Chief Video Advertising Evangelist lead through the two-day event hosted by EPROFESSIONAL CTO Melanie Pieper. 

In the following you find a short recap of the summit:

Day 1 | Neil Hoyne, Google’s Chief Measurement Evangelist
  • Machine learning helps predict individual behavior 
  • Customers who spend more time on your product’s website are more likely to spend (more) money while shopping for items 
  • Invest in machine learning, even if your first-party data is incomplete: start to get things off the ground! 


Day 2 | Cecelia Wogan-Silva, Google’s Chief Video Advertising Evangelist
  • Today’s consumers are known to have a selective attention span online
  • Better creatives result in better ad performance 
  • Even if you reach the right target, creative still drives 50 per cent of your campaign’s success
  • Do not forget to include an effective CTA at the end of your video ad 
  • Most videos today are watched on mobile phones: use text and creatives suitable for phone screens
  • Machine learning has become vital to learn more about future ad’s performance 


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